Unable to run installers on any OS

(Aidan) #1

I’ve tried opening Linux installers for programs such as Eclipse, Komodo, WinRAR, etc. on 3 different OS’s now and I’m certain the problem is from my BPI-M3 or the images provided. I’ve asked about it on each forum specific to each OS I’ve tried which are: Ubuntu 16.04, OpenSUSE, and Arch Linux. I am currently use Open SUSE as it suits me best but I still can’t open installers. I have enabled “run as executable” and changed the preferences aswell. I haven’t gotten any aswer or fix.

Note: These are not .exe files. They are executables made FOR Linux, not for Windows.

Output when doing ./eclipse-inst: bash: ./eclipse-inst: cannot execute binary file: Exec format error

This output is shown on all the OS’s. Any help is appreciated.

(Hoijima Mekiary) #2

Did you grab the right architecture bundled one? Because it’s an arm, x86\64 software wont work(captain obvious here)