Support waveshare 3.5inch/2.4inch tft lcd for m2 zero

TFT LCD module from waveshare



kernel patch files for bpi kernel

bananapi-m2-zero-support-waveshare-2.4inch-lcd.patch (7.2 KB)

bananapi-m2-zero-support-waveshare-3.5inch-c-lcd.patch (7.2 KB)

kernel patch files for mainline kernel (test with kernel 5.5.0-rc6)

mainline-bananapi-m2-zero-support-waveshare-2.4inch-lcd.patch (1.1 KB)

mainline-bananapi-m2-zero-support-waveshare-3.5inch-c-lcd.patch (1.1 KB)

Allwinner H3/H2+ have only one spi cs pin, 3.5inch module TP is not work