Sometimes trouble booting from EMMC

(Tomáš Janovský) #1

Hi, I have trouble with booting from EMMC.

Sometimes it starts well, but sometimes not.

I have to remove power suply more than 3 times before BPI will boot correctly.

Also when I reboot it sometimes stuck immediately after it shows (white or cyan color).

Any idea? Thanks!

(Frank W.) #2

Is this matching your issue: ?

(Tomáš Janovský) #3

How can I get u-boot log?

(Frank W.) #4

with debug-uart…need a serial2usb cable connected to debug-pins

(Tomáš Janovský) #5

I have made one by Arduino board and now all works fine. Starange! I will try put it together into the box again. And we will see.

Here is my boot log:

(Tomáš Janovský) #6

Also in the box!

La La La, I’m probably crazy! :frowning:

I’ll try to monitor it, but it looks stable now. :slight_smile:

(Frank W.) #7

be careful…arduino is 5v level…banana pi is 3v3

(Tomáš Janovský) #8

Thank you very much!