Mt7623ni / R2 audio properties?

Hello I think I try use my R2 for media box also but I need audio (5.2 channel great, but 2 acceptable). What routes I should go further? Current 4.19 @frank-w kernel status is:

[    6.842389] ALSA device list:
[    6.845405]   No soundcards found.


  1. HDMI audio. Is it supported, and how?? This is best alternative.

  2. USB audio. Posible but low amount of ports/hub etc. hazzle.

  3. BT audio. May work but if use projector then every listener needs headset or BT-audio bridge.

  4. GPIO I2S ??? I like to keep gpio free for other projects.

And CPU/GPU media HW accelerators? R2 should do routing at same when play movie…

Cases for board that support laptop DVD-rom and sata disk at same? Such case is bigger than R2 board. I think IR-receiver needs to move and reset/poweron needs some pushrods. What is specs of IR-receiver? It may need to put pin-header its place and new one with cable…

Is there v. 1.2 board 3D model (.stl) availabe? Its boring to do by myself because I know it is somewhere… I need it to do new case for board including holder for cd-rom…

@sinovoip have any ideas?

For HDMI audio: I find kernel config: # CONFIG_SND_SOC_MT2701 is not set.

Have anybody tested it and why it is disabled in default Frank kernel?

This is configured: CONFIG_SND_SOC_HDMI_CODEC=y

There is not any hdmi_audio nodes in .dtsi. Should look like this?:

sound_hdmi: sound-hdmi {

I have only enabled options i use…as i have not tried much with sound (had also no information about getting it working) there may some options missing

When it’s enabled - no sound device anyway (5.5 kernel), actually cant rebember if sound was worked on any older kernels - never tested it.

Nope, nothing is available, no specs, no dts, no drivers.

Sound over HDMI works fine, I used an R2 as my desktop system for 6 months. You just need to enable the correct option in the kernel config - there’s an early post here about it.

Can you point to changes needed as diff to my repo (e.g. 5.4-main)?

it’s something like WMC codec - its under sound - pretty much the first post in this board about booting the R2 has the details

could you link the post? maybe dts-node is needed too…i only know i2s used with external module

Did anyone tested if sound works in 4.4-BSP?

According to this there are 2 main components for hdmi sound:

  • soc chip driver (orange)

  • hdmi_codec(purple)

Unclear question for me - if dts/dtsi nones should be enought for working sound? or hdmi codec driver is needed, like wm8960/cs42448?