HDMI IN Capturing Audio

(Vadim) #1

Hi I am new with BP W2 ,

I am interesting in few questons :

It possible to get Audio from HDMI IN ( ususaly it is I2S) ? What chip BP W2 using for HDMI IN and if any working drivers avalable ? Is anybody know if working example capturing Audio from HDMI is exists for any OS ?

(Date Huang) #2

Audio will pass to ALSA.
In this version of android image (android 7.1.1 V0.1 beta 2018-5-29), audio works fine.
In Linux need some hack to enable HDMI IN function and you can capture the audio from ALSA

(Vadim) #3

Thank you it was very helpful ,

Do you know what HW video acceleration encoding supported by BP W2?

(Date Huang) #4

H264, H265 But there is no library for Linux to HW video encoding. Maybe you have to ask official about those support.