Ethernet doesn't work on R2 ubuntu with kernel 4.14


I clone the repository BPI-R2-4.14 in ubuntu16.04 at R2,the image is the one upload at 2018.3, 2018-03-29-ubuntu-16.04-mate-desktop-bpi-r2-sd-emmc.img when using the origin kernel4.4, the wan port is working and able to get IP from DHCP but i install the kernel4.14 all ports doesn’t work ,even setting a static IP can’t get it work. I am wandering is there some modify job should be done to ubuntu’s network manager config file /etc/network/interface ? mine is empty . Command “dhclient -i eth1” doesn’t return. Sorry for my poor english. @frank-w

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please show output of “uname-r;ip a”

you have to set eth0+eth1 first to up, then your wan/lanX you cannot run dhclient on ethX…it has to be run on wan/lanX


thanks , it worked after I execute “dhclient -i wan” .

"ip a "shows lan0@eth0 …something like that, ubuntu’s network manager seems don’t compatible with the switch driver…

kernel version is 4.14.95 ifconfig shows eth0 and eth1

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Imho ifconfig (old tool) shows only interfaces which are up (without -a switch).

Ip a shows also dsa-user-ports (lanx,wan) with cpu-port relationship (@ethx).

I don’t know how to configure network-manager,but you need to set first ethx to up (without ip-config) and then configure user-ports (lanx,wan)