Control SG90 with PCA9685 with Banana pi m2 ultra



I am trying to control SG90 servo with PCA9685 and banana pi m2 ultra. I don’t know how to access PCA9685 pins with gpio pins. I powered PCA9685 with 5V, and here is my connection: PCA9685 -> Banana pi m2 ultra VCC pin 1 (3.3 V) SDA pin 3 (SDA) SCL pin 5 (SCL) GND pin 9 (GND)

I have 3 SG90 servo; they care connected on 0, 1, 2 respectively on PCA9685.

Thank you

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Hello, you could try this:



Thanks you for replying! I followed that github but I am still not able to get them to move. This is the error I get:image2 I did some research and it was related to i2c, here is test on i2c: image1.

If I just touch the SG90 pins to pins on PCA9685, servo move 1 degree, which tells me that my servos are working.

Thank you for you time!