Compilation Error for U-boot and kernel

(Omkareshwar) #1

Hello everyone, I have cloned bsp code for banana pi BPI-M3 from . When I am trying to built the kernel using ./ command it gives me error. Error log file is available in attachment. Please help me.

Thanks In Advance. error_logs_kernel (109.6 KB)

(August) #2

Try to build it with the bpi-build docker image, and avoiding the environment issue.

(Omkareshwar) #3

Hi August, Thanks for your reply. The link which you mentioned is not working. I searched for bpi-build on docker official website. I found following docker . Is it right docker image? If yes , can you please provide me the steps to compilation of kernel using docker.

Thanks In Advance.

(August) #4


The docker image is correct, did you follow the readme to open a ssh client to run the build script? If it’s still not work, apply this patch to linux-sunxi/drivers/net/wireless/rtl8723bu/include/ieee80211.h image

(Omkareshwar) #5

Hi August,

Thanks for your early reply. I am trying to use hardware codec for Banana PI M3. I am using . But the demo application provided in repository is giving segmentation fault. I am using Ubuntu mate 16.04 pre-built image of Banana PI. Is something is missing in my setup? can you please help me with hardware codec with banana PI?

Thanks in Advance

(ZB) #6

Hello, you could try here to complie the M3 bsp code: