Cannot identify '/dev/video0': 2, No such file or directory

(Do Minh Quoc) #1

Hi all, I just start with BPI-D1, but it has a problem with the capture camera, when the original firmware as well as the rebuild firmware from lamobo github is also cannot identify ‘/dev/video0’. How could I fix this problem?

(zhiz z) #2

Hello, can you provide more information please? Like can you personally not find the directory? and how where u looking etc.


(Do Minh Quoc) #4

It is just the display when I log in the terminal, it has a warning like this below figure

(Maicon) #5

Hello, I have the same problem. You have a solution? Thank you

(925outer) #6

have a try like this: press “Function button” when plug into your PC

(Maicon) #7

Hello. Thank you for your feedback. I discovered that the problem is in the flat cable from the camera. I changed the camera and the problem solved. Thank you.