Building kernel

(The Gunzmo) #1

Hi, Im building the kernel and Im getting

  • make[1]: Leaving directory ‘/home/wasd/bpi/BPI-M3-bsp/linux-sunxi’ Makefile:59: recipe for target ‘kernel’ failed make: *** [kernel] Error 2

My Ubuntu dist is:

  • @ubuntu:~/bpi/BPI-M3-bsp$ uname -r
  • 4.2.0-16-generic

(Frank W.) #2

Hi, “uname-r” shows kernel-version not ubuntu-dist

try “cat /etc/issue” to get ubuntu-version and regarding your error…the lines before that line you’ve posted are interesting…first line with error is needed.

(The Gunzmo) #3

Ive fixed it by installing another ubuntu dist, but now the BPI wont boot when i overwrite the old kernel with the new one :confused: and I’ve chaged the display modeline output to a custom resolution and the screen still doesn’t work…

Is there a log for boot up sequence?

(fred) #4


Maybe it is the same issue as me. See:

if its help

(The Gunzmo) #5


Yeah ive got an older version of the gcc 4.8.4

(The Gunzmo) #6

Well it boots but not to Xorg only to shell and the uname -v is still the old date “Jul 13 03:32:18 2017”

(Frank W.) #7

without the full error-message from build we can not help you…

leaving directory is only a info with the note, that erros occured before…so please post the errors before that message

you can also do the make like this:

“make 2> >(tee error.log)”

and then give us this error.log

(The Gunzmo) #8

Well i can build now it just refuces to boot atm. I’ve only had luck once. Ive also treid to change the GCC (gcc-linaro-arm-linux-gnueabihf-4.7-2013.04-20130415_linux) aswell not working… ive been using this method to write the kernel PDF guide

(The Gunzmo) #9

Here’s the log file. I got the error again after I redownloaded the source :confused:

error.log (26.9 KB)

(The Gunzmo) #10

Here is a more relevant error log all i edited in the kernel configs is unput, im quite new to Linux platform so excuse my noobiness :sweat_smile: I saw that the light sensor was enabled by default in melicious input so all i got enabled there now is uinput

here is the makefile line that it throws at:

$(obj)/resume1.code: $(obj)/resume1.bin $(Q)$(obj)/gen_check_code $(obj)/resume1.bin $(obj)/super/resume/resume1.code rm -rf *.o $(obj)/../*.o

error.log (2.1 KB)

(The Gunzmo) #11

Okay i switched dist. now I can build i changed to x64 but on boot i got error

Failed to insert vm149c_act: Exec format error

Failed to insert ov8865_4lane format error

Failed to insert vfe_v412 format error

Failed to insert pvrsrvkm format error

(Frank W.) #12

you compile kernel using

(The Gunzmo) #13

Yes, I compiled with

(The Gunzmo) #14

Now im trying to build on the bpi instead but im getting tons of errors now


(bpi team) #15

(Frank W.) #16

First you must install git before using git clone :slight_smile:

(The Gunzmo) #17

Ive installed git, I’ve installed all the dependency packages I still getting that error, I’m building with the latest Ubuntu-Mate-beta-1 that has been released on the forum, the format error was that when I compile on x86_64 some code wasn’t compiled as arm for some reason so I decided to compile on the bpi instead but then I get missing GCC header 5 as well as some led functions issues of what I can see in the error log. But I’m not a Objective C programmer, I used to work with C#, I had tryed to install the GCC 5 package and it did nothing. Could it be because I’m compiling on a external drive? Sorry for the noob questions I know its cinda annoying but im new to Linux.