BPI-T3 Car design , BPI team the first core-board

(bpi team) #1

BPI-T3 Car design , BPI team the first core-board.

(Karoly Molnar) #2

Looks nice! Is it meant for automotive applications? What kind of network connections is it supporting?

(bpi team) #3

yes, it is Car machine application, support WIFI&BT connect.

(Karoly Molnar) #4

Thanks. I was rather wondering, how do you connect it to the car’s network. Any Ethernet/BroadR-Reach connection is there? Or CAN/CANFD?

(bpi team) #5

T3 board run android 6.0 demo

(Mehmet Burhan Tekbas) #6


Will it be on sale?

(bpi team) #7

just for customization, if you need ,please contact judyhuang@banana-pi.com