BPI-R2 power button action


Hi everyone,

So I’m trying to configure the power button on the R2 to shutdown when pressed. My application for this R2 will have it headless so unless I just want to pull the power cord I won’t be able to shut it down.

I’ve installed acpi and gone through tutorials to get it working but even after restarting acpi pressing the power button does nothing.

I’m running the Ubuntu 16.04 image. Has anyone got this to work?



(Frank W.) #2


Thanks, Frank.

Ugh, it’s disappointing that the power button doesn’t send an acpi signal. That also explains why I received no output when I used acpi_listen and pressed the power button. I’ll move on to adding a push button via GPIO to achieve the result I’m looking for.



(Frank W.) #4

please share the solution if it is working :slight_smile:


Will do. It’ll be a little bit though, but I’ll keep you updated if you’re interested.