BPI-R2 New image : 2018-01-12-centos-7-lite

(bpi team) #1

BPI-R2 CentOS lite image 2018-01-04


MD5: 48c39640bd6ce11331dfdce86543e194

Google Drive:


Baidu cloud:


(Patrick Pessin) #2

Wie ist das Passwort?!

(Frank W.) #3

please in english…password should be like in other images root/bananapi

(nicoo) #4

Hi, I’m using nmcli to connect to my wifi. I have a problem, when I try to connect an already configured connection, after a reboot, I get: Connection activation failed: No suitable device found for this connection. I tried to solve this issue by setting connection.interface-name if I try to connect the wifi with: nmcli device wifi connect <ssid> password <password> it works but it create a new connection and the ip address is different, wich is a problem.

also I’d like to have the bpi connecting the wifi at boot automatically.

(Frank W.) #5

on r2 the wifi-device is actually created via script. Maybe it is not ready in the moment your settings are applied.

(nicoo) #6

Hi frank-w.

I noticed the script used to create the wifi. I’m waiting the creation of the device before trying to connect an already configured connection.

also, can I know why the wifi is created by script ?

(Frank W.) #7

The wifi needs to be initialized by wmt-tools because kernel-driver is ported from android