BPI-R2 Kernel Development

(Frank W.) #1


5.2-rc1 was released and i have added it to my repo for testing. i see no errors on build and in dmesg

5.2-rc1.boot.log (28,0 KB)

currently additional features like hdmi,internal wifi, poweroff, phylink or other are not included. i start porting now

poweroff is working :wink: pushed branch 5.2-poweroff for testing

hdmi (xserver) is also working with 5.1-patches, but not fbdev :frowning:

on 5.1 i see many more drm-messages in dmesg 5.1-hdmi.log.txt (79,4 KB) 5.2-hdmi.log.txt (63,0 KB)

5.1: [    7.089645] mediatek-drm 14000000.dispsys: fb0: DRM emulated frame buffer device  
5.2: [    6.845071] mediatek-drm 14000000.dispsys: fb0: mediatekdrmfb frame buffer device

seems in 5.2 framebuffer is not “DRM-emulated”

can this be the cause? in 5.2 i see no drm-messages after this line. I’ve wrote to CK Hu and Bibby Hsieh…as first response it can be a timing problem (hdmi-hotplug before framebuffer is ready). Bibby is currently on getting the missing Patches into mainline then focus on fbcon

Have also ported internal wifi,quick test works…i can create ap0 and can connect to it via my mobile phone (running ssh over it)

regards Frank

(Maciek Szelągowski) #2

Great job Frank. I suspended BPi R2 as home router/nas but if 5.2 will be as they promise I will get back

(Frank W.) #3

What do “they” promise? And who are “they”?

(Maciek Szelągowski) #4

“they” are kernel developers, and as I read they will support out of the box new realtek wlan adapters, also the’re will be a lot of drivers improvements for arm (also MediaTek MT7623N better support)

(Frank W.) #5

Have you a link to the article?