BPI-R2 FreeBSD support/ZRouter.org support

(Александр Рыбалко) #1

Progress on porting FreeBSD to MTK7623 and BPI-R2 board.

Will add to ZRouter.org project too, when basic networking support will be done.


(Alexander) #2

That is exactly where I’ve moved. After that just left trying.

(Александр Рыбалко) #3

Sure, after that point you need a lot of drivers to do. I’m currently in a basic set: clks, pinctrl, gpio.

(Frank W.) #4

dumb question: can’t bsd not use linux-kernel anyhow?

(Alexander) #5

Actually, there was linux userland running under FreeBSD kernel: https://www.debian.org/ports/kfreebsd-gnu/ But FreeBSD userland under Linux - never heard about it.

I think it has no sense. FreeBSD is the kernel with all bell and whistles there.