[BPI-R2] Debian-image for bpi-r2

(Wanderley) #21

Good Morning!

How to install debian BPI-R2 emmc. I’m starting in bananapi-r2, I’m confused how should I proceed.



(Frank W.) #22


  1. change partitionconfig in uboot or with mmc-utils
  2. Flash preloader to boot0
  3. flash preloader+uboot to mmcblkx and create partitiontable
  4. install bootstrapped rootfs and change necessary things (network-config,fstab)
  5. Install kernel, modules and uenv.txt

Instead of steps 3-5 you can flash my stretch-image for emmc from my gdrive (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1oP7jy1KrrIOifvImo2nQ59wx3_9hHkgk)

(Wanderley) #23

I was using the historics you mentioned.

But with the image jessie-lite:


When it reboots it does not find emmc. Do you know if this image can recognize emmc?

When I use the ubuntu image, I get the boot normally. But I need to use debian clean (with few packages)

Thank you for your response.

(Frank W.) #24

How do you check for emmc? Kernel should create a mmcblk0 and mmcblk1…mmcblk1 should be emmc if using my kernel or official for r2 (in mainline it is mmcblk0). If you do not see boot0/1 partitionconfig is 0x0 and have to be changed. Your image do not have mmc-utils here you have to do it via uboot or add mmc-utils

for more help we need info about your steps and error-messages you’ve got

btw. my debian stretch is a minimal installation and you can/have to install what you need :wink:

(Wanderley) #25

I gave up jessie and recorded the stretch version. I used the following image:


I recorded the SSD and then did the manual procedure that you reported:

“manual copy of OS”

And it worked correctly. Thank you very much!!

I am very interested in this solution. Are you reporting anything in production, such as firewall, proxy, dns?

Is there somewhere we share experiences?

(Frank W.) #26

You’ll find also firewall (iptables incl nat and routing) and simple dns-settings in my wiki…i don’t use a proxy

(Frank W.) #27


i’ve uploaded an updated version of my debian-image with kernel 4.14. also the emmc-mount-bug (system-boot hangs on trying to mount emmc-partitions) is fixed there. If using the old image comment out emmc-mounts in /etc/fstab with ‘#’


wan: dhcp
lan1+2: bridged with ip
lan3: only vlan 60 configured with ip

this image also uses upstream-uboot with my actual patches (v4-branch), without net-support (if you need tftp-boot flash old uboot)


filename: deb_stretch_4.14.80_SD.tar.gz (+md5)

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