BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4 dual-band PCIe module Mass production version

BPI-MT7615 802.11 ac wifi 4x4 dual-band module Mass production version,All rf tests passed

about MTK MT7615 chip:

MT7615 is a highly integrated Wi-Fi single chip which support 1733 Mbps PHY rate,It fully compies with IEEE 802.11ac and IEEE802.11 a/b/n standards,offering feature-rich wireless connecivity at high standards,and delivering reliable,cost-effective throughput from and extended distance.

MT7615 supports concurrent dual-band operation at 5GHz and 2.4GHz band(DBDC,Dual-Band-Dual-Concurrent0.It enables diversified applications that require one link at 2.4GHz band,and the other at less crowded 5GHz band simultaneously.

With the advent of 802.11ac,multiuser MIMO(MU-MIMO) is defined. Mt7615 supports MU-MIMO with defferent configurations.An AP is able to use its antenna drrays to transmit multiple frames to defferent clients at the same time and over the same frequency spectrum.

front and back:

upstream driver link


wiki page , we will keeping update:


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Form factor seems to be larger than here and like other mt7615. I thought it will be smaller card that fits in bpi-r2 without cutting gpio/power connectors

Btw. Driver is already in mainline linux (not only next): https://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/torvalds/linux.git/tree/drivers/net/wireless/mediatek/mt76

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To solve the heating and rf problem, we adjusted the hardware design.Can only increase

Do you have some benchmark results? Can you confirm that this device support max 2x2streams with 160MHz channel width, or 80+80!

Could you test it using an extender on r2 like this


I have test that wifi module on openwrt 18.06 4.19 kernel, it’s not working, the wlan0 interface can’t be up.

Have you added the driver? Imho 7615 driver was not integrated in 4.19…

I have test that MT7615 wifi with kmod-mt7615e driver in 4.19, it’s working. Must manually set mac address first.

does it not create a random mac?

Since an invalid MAC address could be undetected on this card and also won’t generate a random address, you need to set it manually.

It may be fixed by applying this patch.