BPI-M3 new image : Armbian with 4.18.y for M3

(Igor) #1

Test build: http://ix.io/1fUK

Broken: wired, wireless network, Bluetooth, … Works: serial console, 8 cores, DVFS, USB, SATA, HDMI, DRM video driver, …

(Maxim Alexandrovich Gusev) #2

is it possible to friend this img with 7 LCD module?

(Igor) #3

There is no direct support, which means you can’t just enable it … but anything is possible. If you have some knowledge, guts and time, here is an example which could help:

(Maxim Alexandrovich Gusev) #4

thank you i will try to smoke your example and do it.:grinning:

(Igor) #5

Updated images:

Fixed Ethernet: https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/d28cbcaf79169b684c11f599ebd3e441d029c66e

(Igor) #6

Updated images with slightly higher CPU clock.


OK, but where ? I can’t seem to find it

(Igor) #8

Images: https://dl.armbian.com/bananapim3/

If you want to build image, https://github.com/armbian/build script needs extra parameter to build unsupported targets, EXPERT=“yes”

(dario) #9

Amazing work! This is the only stable image I’ve found for the Bananapi M3. Everything that Sinovoip wasn’t able to do until today. Thank you so much :clap:

(Maxim Alexandrovich Gusev) #10

Hello guys!:v:

I tried all the known options for me to connect the LCD display S070WV20HG-DC16 with the touchscreen on the ft5x_ts driver, and failed because apparently not smart enough for this, the my brains are exploding.:sweat_smile:

In the kernel, I did not find the drivers on the display (S070WV20_MIPI_RGB) and the driver on the screen in the kernel is not compiled.

Is anyone can correct in the device tree file the parameters for the LCD section for the display as I understood the data can be taken from the fex file:1.fex.txt (75.7 KB)

pull in the kernel driver for the display for compilation from here:S070WV20_MIPI_RGB.c

And make correct Device tree binary file(dtb),Uboot and drivers for kernel.

:beer::beer::beer: I will award beer for the implemented solution :beer::beer::beer: