BPI-M3 new image: ArchLinuxARM-lite-bpi-m3 2016-5-10


Heya, maybe you’ll need this SDCard-burner called PhoenixCard Tool !
I remember I had to use it to burn the android images for BPI-M3 I found here… in that tool you have chose whether to create a direct bootable SD card or to create a SD card that only burns your image to the (faster) emmc storage when it boots.
From then I’d suggest to make dd images of the emmc regularly as backups!


(joman) #22

Good day! I download your image, burn it to SD card. Insert card to my bpi-m3, turned it on, but after welcome screen banana turning off. What am i doing wrong?

I have another image: BPI-M3 new image:ArchLinuxARM Lite for BPI-M3 (20151209) - it works fine.


Mine was doing this until I switched to using a 5.1 V 2.5 A power supply directly to the DC in jack, instead of using USB. The one of the Steam Link fits perfect.

(baskwo) #24

@sinovoip Would it be possible to update this image? Thanks

(The Gunzmo) #25

@sinovoip what toolchain did you use when compiling this kernel?

(Andriy Pankevych) #26

I’ve prepared image for Banana Pi-M3 with Arch Linux sunxi kernel-4.18-rc3 and uboot-2018.01.

Maybe someone will find it usefull.

SMP - Works, Wifi - Works.