BPI-M2 Ubuntu 14.04.03 mini image

(bpi team) #1

this is Ubuntu 14.04.03 mini image for BPI-M2 have install wget python … other please use apt-get to install. user:root , password : bananapi

image download link:


thank Dr victor share this image

(Jeremy Xu) #2

你好,能否把这个Ubuntu 14.04.03 mini image for BPI-M2镜像发到我的邮箱2516609017@qq.com 现在这链接上面的已经无法下载了 急求 谢谢了

(Kevin Zhao) #3

Since the download link is expired, could you please link another, or send the image to njuptzhc@163.com? Thanks.

(bpi team) #4

new download link:


(Reinach Van Nieuwenhuizen) #5

Hi This image keeps on rebooting, as soon as it shows the console. The only OS I could get working is BPI-M2_Ubuntu_15.04_hdmi… But this OS videos are laggy and has green pixels(stripes)