BPI-M2 new image : Armbian with 4.17.y for M3

(Igor) #1

Test build: http://ix.io/1fUK

Broken: wired, wireless network, Bluetooth, … Works: serial console, 8 cores, DVFS, USB, SATA, HDMI, DRM video driver, …

(Maxim Alexandrovich Gusev) #2

is it possible to friend this img with 7 LCD module?

(Igor) #3

There is no direct support, which means you can’t just enable it … but anything is possible. If you have some knowledge, guts and time, here is an example which could help:

(Maxim Alexandrovich Gusev) #4

thank you i will try to smoke your example and do it.:grinning:

(Igor) #5

Updated images:

Fixed Ethernet: https://github.com/armbian/build/commit/d28cbcaf79169b684c11f599ebd3e441d029c66e