Board with linux gpu driver working

(Sahaj Sarup) #1

which banana pi boards have working mali gpu drivers in linux OS?

(bpi team) #2

BPI-M1,M1+ ,and BPI-M3 have working .

(David Coles-Dobay) #3

The BPI-M1,M1+ is mali but the BPI-M3 is PowerVR different driver sinovoip :wink: PowerVR is working but not completely.

(etyrnal) #4

Does the power VR chip that came on the M3 not have open source drivers provided by the maker? Why would we incorporate a graphics chip on to a demo board that does not have a fully developed open-source driver?

(David Coles-Dobay) #5

The manufacturer was working on one The lead Alex got a odd response from the Mali community so I am unsure where he went with it.