BananaPi BPI-M3 New Image: ArchLinux-4.18.1-1-ARCH 2018-08-19


I do this step or I try with other buning software and is not booting. [ Compile new Kernel for ].

Did you manage to boot from this image ?


I manage to boot.

The blue led was not working but he was booting. I just need to wait.

Thank you.

(Andriy Pankevych) #23

New Image:

  • U-Boot: 2018.11-rc3
  • Kernel: 4.19.1-1-ARCH
  • SMP works
  • Ethernet works (Limited to 100Mbps. 1Gbps is unstable ~50% of loss)
  • Wifi works
  • HDMI
  • LCD (Needs to be checked)
  • GPIO works(WiringPi)
  • BPI tools included
  • I2C enabled(In TDB file)
  • Onboard blue led works

Installation(Change /dev/mmcblk1 to proper device name):

# gunzip -c ./ArchLinuxARM-BPI-M3-11-20-2018.img.gz | dd of=/dev/mmcblk1 
# fsck.ext4 -v /dev/mmcblk1p1

Can be installed to sd card and emmc.

Clean CLI only. System is upgraded by 11.16.2018. root/root

Download link: