Banana pi m3 - Android build procedure

(Suresh) #1

Hi all,

I’m new to BPI family and trying to build Android 5.1 source code. Can anyone please share the correct build procedure and source code.

I’m able to compile BPI-M3-BSP fine. While compiling Android source i’m getting various errors in lichee/kernel and android.

**No rule to make target device/target/softwinner/octopus-bpi-m3/kernel

Appreciate your help and support.

(David Coles-Dobay) #2

Total WAG

I do not Android

However I found that on the linux tree the binutils and gcc did not have a select case for the armv7l kernel. Adding a choice to linux.h and one of the config files in binutils correctly identified and allowed GCC to build.

You might look for where the M2 is recognized and add a similar line for the M3.

Another thing that I saw was a series of commits back in 2015-2016 that did not include the identifier 0X007 or ARMv7l. Perhaps android has a similar set of changes. Reverting these may allow a build.

Mostly what I have observed is that all of the pieces are there but not arranged and scripted for the BPI-M3 in later kernels much of the steps are the same but omit the A83T.