Banana Pi M2 Zero: Latest Armbian images

(en el) #1

Hi everybody!

I share with the community the latest compilations of Armbian. To test, write one of these images on a sdcard with Etcher. After that, connect an USB-Serial converter to the 3 serial pin of the BPI M2 Zero board to have an access to the terminal.

Other solution is to plug a mouse/keyboard on OTG USB port and an HDMI cable on mini HDMI port. But i didn’t try this way.

The default user login for every images :

Login: root
password: 1234

Armbian offer the possibility to configure the board like raspbian with this command:

sudo armbian-config

After that, select network item to choose your SSID and tape you wifi password if you want to have ssh access

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_19.04_LTS_disco_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_19.04_LTS_disco_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop (Coming soon)

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_18.04_LTS_bionic_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_18.04_LTS_bionic_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop.7z

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_16.04_LTS_xenial_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Ubuntu_16.04_LTS_xenial_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop.7z

Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.38_triskenel.7z Armbian_5.86_Bananapim2zero_Debian_stretch_next_4.19.38_triskenel_desktop.7z

Have fun! :wink: