Banana Pi BPI-W2 new image: Android 7.1.1 support GMS 2019-01-14

(ZB) #1

BPI-W2 Android7 new image support GMS 20190114

  1. How to burn Android7 image on W2 Emmc by bpi-copy.

    (1) Download Linux image from here:

    baidu drive:

    google drive:

    (2) Burn this ubuntu image on your sd card.

    (3) Sw4 switch to 1, then use W2 boot from this sd card which you have burn ubuntu image.

    (4) Then “cd /”, you will find an Android7 image in this directory.


    (5) Use “bpi-copy” to burn image to emmc.

    (6) Then power off W2, switch Sw4 to 0, power on.

  2. How to update android image on W2:

    (1) Download new android 7 image from here:

    baidu drive:

    google drive:

    (2) Copy the file “install.img”, to your usb disk.

    (3) Plug your usb disk in usb3.0 interface of W2.

    (4) Use usb-serial to connect W2, open a console terminal on your PC.

    (5) Then power on W2, and press “Tab” button on PC to update image in your W2.

(hu372536862) #2

Does this firmware support include Bluetooth drivers with RTL8822BE。

(ZB) #3

yes, it should work, here is my device bt picture:


did you connect debug console?

when you open bt, what does it print?

(hu372536862) #5

My BPI-W2 brushes a LAN port after Android 7.1.1, RTL8822BE Bluetooth function, audio out, two SATA ports (plugged in Intel DC 3710 400G solid-state hard disk) can not work properly. USB3.0 mounts 2.5 inch 4T mechanical hard disk, data indicator flashes, unable to display storage devices.

(ZB) #6

I don’t why your device is not work, did you have qq or skype? we could talk this by private.

(hu372536862) #7

My QQ is 372536862.Think you!


how to burn this ubuntu image on a sd card???

(ZB) #9

Hello, you could use “bpi-copy /dev/sd to install image” on your sd card.