Banana Pi BPI-W2 DXF file update

(Hagbard Celine) #1

Q:Due to the lack of available boxes for W2, I’m trying to get one made for mine. But getting the cutouts right is not easy when making the measurements manually. Please release 3D drawings of W2, or point me in the right direction if the are already uploaded somewhere. Thanks.

A: W2 DXF and Component structure


+1 for drawings.

At least outline for this one side with almost all ports.

(bpi team) #3

OK ,we will update DXF file monday.


I have looked on GitHub and Google drive for those dxf files and have not found them.

Can you please provide link here?

(bpi team) #5

BPI-W2 hardware development progress
(Stefan Eberhardt) #6

Hi I have the same request. I´d like to create a housing for the W2. Looking at the DXF you provided I only see top and bottom of the board. Can you provide 3D data? Like step files (.stp)? This would help very much.


I have found before asking for link - dxf containing top / bottom (and some png or pdf - 4 files total) this is not what was asked for so I thought there must be sth else.

(bpi team) #8

we not 3D design file . just can update DXF file and Component structure datasheet.

W2 DXF and Component structure