Banana pi BPI-M64 quad-core 64 bit SBC with allwinner A64


Hello: When it says it will run Linux Ubuntu is this the same x86 version my desktop will run? I need to be able to use Google Chrome not Chromium. Also when will it be available in the U.S. Thank you for your responce.

(Tintin) #22

Hi! Is there a Ubuntu Core image for the BPI-M64 board please? Thank you in advance for your reply.

(bpi team) #23

allwinner A64 chip and R18 chip is PIN to PIN compatibility, so BPI-M64 just replace R18 ,A64 chip onboard, easy to DIY new product.

(etyrnal) #24

QUESTION: I purchased an AC adapter for my bpi-m64, and bpi-m3 (couldn’t decide which one i wanted, so i bought both).

The adapter i bought says it’s output is 5VDC 3000ma.

When i MEASURE the output with a digital multimeter, i see 5.38VDC.

Is that voltage too high? Will it cause any harm? OR is it ok to use this adapter?