Banana Pi BPI-F2 with freescale IMX6 Industrial chip design

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Banana Pi BPI-F2 use freescale IMX6 Industrial chip design. IMX6 with ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore 4xCPU processor(with TrustZone),this is ths first banana pi board design with freescale chip.

==Key Features==

  • freescale IMX6 Industrial solutions.
  • 2G DDR3 and 8G eMMC flash
  • CAN bus function support
  • Mini PCIE interface
  • 2 camera interface:DVP and MIP

Hardware interface:

more aboue BPI-F2 ,please see wiki page:


Hi. I’m very interested in this board. Where and when will it be available ? And what will be the price?


I have same question but no reply from store

(Ethan) #4

They announce boards several months before you can actually buy them. It’s weird, but that is just how they operate

(bpi team) #5

you can send mail to for sample

(Ethan) #6

When will it be available for the public?

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