Auto power on problem

(Dany) #1

Hi guys. I have a problem with my BPI-R2. When I plug the power cable the system is not started automatically and I should hold the power button to bring the system up. I use regular 2A adaptors and official BPI Lede image. Thanks

(ZB) #2

hold the power key for around 8s~, and please change your tag to BPI-R2, thanks

(Dany) #3

Thanks, Jackzeng. The problem is every time I want to boot the system I should hold the power key. Is there any way that the system automatically boots the OS when I plug the power cable. thanks

(moore liu) #4

if usb otg port is connected to pc, system can boot up after power on, thanks.

(Dany) #5

Is there any way to boot up without otg port ?

(Frank W.) #6

You can solder pins of power-switch

(Dany) #7

Can I ask you to describe your solution ? Thanks

(Frank W.) #8

Near on top…if you want to use actial 4.14 kernel please see linked issue

(Dany) #9

thanks, frank it worked