A83T Booting issues

(Sankar) #1

HI, We are using A83T in our project. We are trying to boot the system through battery. But the system hangs in the at one location. Please find the log below.

"new_power_status = 0
key pressed value=0x1
timeout, but no power key found
no key input
dram_para_set start
dram_para_set end
[     11.569]DRAM:  2 GiB
relocation Offset is: 75af7000"

Can you please help on this to solve the issues.

Thanks and Regards, Sankar.K

(Sankar) #2

Hi, Is any one can support the issues.

Thanks and Regards, Sankar.K

(ZB) #3

Hello, could you please tell me which image did you use?

Did you use M3?

(Wing Tiger) #4

I suspect that power is not enough. A83t moody and very hot

(Sankar) #5

Hi, The issues is solved. Power was not enough. Thanks