Linux + installation problems


I’m a new comer here. I’m using Linux 6.2 & I faced alot of problem for more than a week and I still unable to get the system up. I hope you guys can help me? I’ve partition as describe below: (P4 system) C: 12000mb (win2k server) D: 4000mb E: 2000mb F: 2000mb I do a custom installation & place the linux into my D:, at first I hit ‘boot partition too big’ & later I do not face this problem but somehow manage to assign linux native, swap & boot but I’m not sure whether did I do the correct method, can anyone guide me the whole installation step by step? I felt very helpless as in how to go about it. I’m still stuck in this stage whereby I need to learn Linux due to my job assignment. After all those configuration (I’m not sure correct anot) and to my mind i thought everything work out fine but after the network configuration like creating accounts, etc, I got error message which giving me a list of exception occurred - file “/usr/bin/anaconda”, line 343…keyerror: base system" (X configuration screen) I tried using other installation like kde, gnome, server installtion but in the end I still hit with exception occurred. I do not know what all those errors about, can anyone help me? Is it something to do with P4 system or vga card? I read from sites, saying that I have to disable the X configuration huh?

Any help will be apprecited.

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