Is Banana Pi more open source than Raspbery?


I would like to buy a fullly open source Single-board computer.

Members of a list about libre software told me that Raspberry isn’t fully open source : We can see that in : The Raspberry Pi requires nonfree software to start up. It can’t reach _ the point of executing free software unless this nonfree program is part _ of the installed system software. _The startup program is, in fact, the same program that runs the GPU _ and the video decoding hardware. Thus, the GPU and the video decoding _ hardware are unusable in the free world, but these jobs can be done with _ free software on the CPU. _That program appears to implement intentional restrictions, such as _ _blocking the video decoding hardware for MPEG-2 and VC-1 in the absence _ _of a key that is specific to the machine in hand. This nonfree startup _ program affects both models of the Raspberry Pi.

On this page they don’t talk about Banana Pi.

Is Banana Pi fully open source ? The firmware also ?

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Like the RSPI it has some binary blobs for some drivers.

May be the C.H.I.P. project did better, have a look.

Thanks a lot Tido. It seems that it’s effectively more open source :

I’m not sure to understand well this, but maybe this means that Banana Pi and Raspberry win can be more open source quickly :

Oh, and don’t forget that they’ve got an open-source GPU-driver now, something that CHIPs are unlikely to ever have. (Yes, the open-source driver is still a WIP, but it works surprisingly well from what I’ve tested)

The A20 is quite good supported as long as you stay with the old Kernel 3.4 - unless you are a programmer, a GPU driver is not ready until the development ist finished, right?

You are very smart to get information before purchase - most do different.

If you want a Banana, there are only 3 models to recommend, well basically 2.

  • Banana Pi BPI-M1
  • Banana Pi BPI-M1+
  • Banana Pi BPI-M2U (careful, brandnew no SW available)

Basically you have to get the software from the armbian geeks The Banana’s have not much time or know-how about SW, beside that they hardly fix a bug even if you put it on github.

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Sorry for this not quickly reply, but… thanks a lot for your last reply Tido :slight_smile: