BPI-M4 with Debian 10 Buster: How to change HDMI resolution?

Hi, I have a BPI-M4 board with Debian 10 Buster OS and a 7" custom TFT with 1024x600 resolution.

My question is, how can I change the resolution to make the Bananapi work with this display?

So far I have only managed to get this (see image below): BPI-M4_7inch_screen

The screen is flickering a lot, but I still manage to see something, which makes me think the issue is the HDMI timings. The display I am using has an EDID with all the correct timings and if I plug it to a PC or Raspberry Pi it works without any problems. However, when I plug it to any Banana Pi board I cannot get it to work correctly. Any ideas?

I tried using commands such as “xrandr” and “fbset” to change the resolution but nothing happens. There is also nothing for me to change in the uEnv.txt file.

I have a lot of experience with displays, so please advise where can I look to configure the resolution. I can write my own driver or EDID table if necessary. I just don’t know much about Linux to know where to look for.

Thanks in advance.