Banana Pi BPI-R2 Open Source smart router with MTK 7623N design

Banana Pi BPI-R2 Open Source smart router

Banana PI BPI-R2 is a highly integrated multimedia network router;it can be used for high wireless performance, home entertainment,home automation and so on.

BPI-R2 harehare:

BPI-R2 integrate a Quad-code ARM Cortex-A7 MPcore operating up to 1.3GHz, The Router also includes a variety of peripherals, including HDMI TX, MIPI DSI, PCIe2.0, USB2.0 OTG, USB3.0 Port, SATA port,5 Gbps Port Gigabit Ethernet port, 802.11a/b/g/n wifi & BT4.1 onboard, also support 802.11ac/n WLAN connection thru mini PCI-e port

BPI-R2 can run with Android5.1 smoothly, it also can run OpenWRT,Debian,linux,Ubuntu linux, Raspbian and others OS. The size of Banana Pi BPI-R2 same as BPI-R1, it can easily run with the game it support 1080P high definition video output, the GPIO compatible with Raspberry Pi 3

More specs follow below.

  • MediaTek MT7623N, Quad-code ARM Cortex-A7
  • Mali 450 MP4 GPU
  • Mini PCIE interface.
  • support SATA interface (option support 2 stat)
  • MicroSD slot supports up to 256GB expansion
  • 8G eMMC flash (option 16/32/64G)
  • MIPI display interface support
  • 5 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet port
  • (2) USB 3.0 and (1) USB 2.0 otg port
  • 1080P high-definition video playback
  • HDMI port and multi-channel audio output
  • WIFI&Bluetooth 4.1 with 802.11B/G/N onboard
  • Built-in 3.7V Lithium Battery Charging Circuit
  • support POE (option)

BPI-R2 Hardware interface:

BPI-R2 BPI wiki page:

BPI-R2 wiki by frank :

R2 V1.1 hardware schematic diagram

MTK 7623N datasheet for development board programming guide

google drive download link

Banana pi BPI-R2 source code open on github

easy to buy sample ;

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Banana pi BPI-R2 Premium Aluminum Enclosure

Banana Pi BPI-R2 Arcylic case


Please provide a full boot log on or the like so we can see which kernel is used.

now , we work on Linux kernel 3.10 and kernel 4.4

Great, please show us a full boot log to know what to expect.

I read that with R1 a SATA disk will still be powered when R1 is running on battery. Is the same true for R2?

Come on… where’s a boot log and where are schematics?! Are you able to answer this very simple question whether a SATA disk is still powered when the board runs on battery?

Hello, in the specs it says:

But here it says:

MT7623A: embedded 5p GbE Switch MT7623N: no 5p GbE Switch, GPU and more video interfaces

Does it mean it has no Switch HW?

we use MT7530 for HW switch.

MT7623N is in mainline kernel since 4.6. Why a custom branch? Means it won’t be well security maintained.

Allwinner’s A80 is ‘in mainline’ since 3.18… and still you can’t do anything useful with this SoC and mainline kernel (since support is preliminary and most engines and not even SMP works) that’s why you’ve to use there still 3.4.39.

The same reasons might apply here and most likely the use of this board as media center requires you to remain on 3.10 forever. @sinoivoip obviously doesn’t do software otherwise these guys would’ve been able to show at least a boot log. They take what they get from MTK.

we now coworker with MTK R&D, to development all hardware driver and . verification hardware design

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Great! But you told this already. Why again? You talked also about kernel 3.10 and 4.4, others talked about kernel 4.6. Now you talk about ‘easy to support mainline kernel’ (that is 4.9 or 4.10 BTW). What is true?!

Did this device ever boot already?! Can you show us a boot log as requested several times? You know: connecting serial console, booting the board and uploading the output to an online pasteboard service. Since you refuse to do that we can assume nothing’s working yet, true?

here you can see it boot success.:), i am not a R&D , and we development all driver now , when we ready ,will public our github source code .

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Few questions

  • When will this device available for purchase?

  • Approximate cost?

  • Do you have source code for hardware NAT and Crypto chip?

“Charles” doesn’t seem very happy, and he’s certainly impatient. However, while I am excited by your announcement of this new device, I appreciate the work you’re doing. Take your time. I would rather have a good product than one that was rushed out the door before it’s ready.

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Onboard wifi/bluetooth chip support FM, can i use it on Openwrt?

i wanna buy this board (2 sata ports, 64GB eMMC) just when OpenWrt firmware is ready at

why do you think we not do any work?, BPI-R2 will support kernel 4.4 . it is OK???

  • show us a github repo with source code for this kernel,
  • show us boot logs,
  • show us SATA performance numbers,
  • show us Gigabit Ethernet performance numbers,
  • show us how the switch can be configured,
  • show us NAT throughput with simple and complex firewall settings
  • show us OpenVPN and IPSec encryption throughput numbers

That would be e proof of work and that you think about what this specific device should be used for. Showing instead only some small pictures with a Raspbian Pixel desktop is clearly a sign of stupidity (yeah, it’s easy to exchange the rootfs on SD cards but that doesn’t tell how smooth things work) :slight_smile:

Ok, to keep it simple for you: show us just the kernel sources for this ‘Open Source smart router’. You can’t since you don’t have the sources since you aren’t able to pay MTK for the necessary NDA and even then I doubt you would be able/allowed to release the sources. Please don’t lie to customers about ‘Open Source’ when it’s as closed as possible :frowning:

Charles, I understand wanting the BPI-R2. I want it, too. But it hasn’t been released yet, so there’s nothing to complain about. Besides, sinovoip doesn’t owe you anything.

Patience is required and expected.