Banana pi BPI-M64 Win10 IoT core

banana pi BPI-M64 IOT certifying pass by Microsoft:windows 10 iot core

BPI-M64 microsoft win10 IoT:


get start:

test on BPI-M64

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oh! this will be fun to test out!

Hello! Now since two weeks I try to run BPi-M64 with WinIOT. I tested all given links i found. Downloaded all findable Images. But Nothing happens. Every Image i tried is a ffu-image and i tried to Flash it with Windows IoT Dashboard, same like using Raspberry Pi. I also tried to contact Banana Pi Service and support… but i got no answer… So is someone here who has ever positive results in running WinIoT??? I had a look at all documents… but the documentation is very poor.

Me too. Exactly similar situation. Have tried all possible options. Lastly the 7" screen keeps flickering for ever. OS never loaded. No working BSP for Win 10 IoT core available as of now. After seeing the history I’m worried soon we’ll have a new hardware version to test the OS and this hardware purchase from overseas is going to be waste of time, money and energy…

Hi! yes you are Right! I wrote a mail to support… After weeks they ansered me to Flash the Image to inernal mmc. But… how??? They never wrote me again how to do that… In fact that all is wast of time, Money and Energy… they dont want tha useres use it. Normally someone should write a message to Microsoft that the board is a fake