Wireshark/Tshark on BananaPi R2


i want to use the BananaPi R2 as a sniffing device and therefore I want to install wireshark on it. I have some experiences with the Rasperry Pi but Bpi is new to me. Therefore I like to ask you what Image suites this purpose best.

Best Dan

Do you need graphical user interface? I simply running tcpdump

For much data i write pcap with it ,which i open on laptop for analysis

Thanks for quick Response.

Here is the idea of my Setup


I don’t necessary need a Gui. I saw the newest image is a Debian from 2019. But there is also a CentOS image which is running relativly stable according to elektromaker. tcpdump is ok but I have some scripts written in tshark and it would be very nice to reuse them. Installing Wireshark on Rasperry pi is relativley straight forward. Do I also have this support with the bpi r2?

Imho install tshark in debian is same as on rpi. Wireshark requires xserver. So in your case tshark should be the best option. I don’t know tshark much…maybe it uses compatible params as tcpdump