What is not working?

Hello all,

First of all, I’m really excited to get a few of those boards to hack around. Would be nice if someone can point a (or create one) wiki page that mentions what is still work in progress or doesn’t work at all at the moment.

I am interested into using those boards as a small personal NAS boards (two RAID mirrored disks, file server). Could someone mention if there is upstream support for the linux kernel (can I build my own kernel using upstream code or do I need to use binaries provided by banana-pi)?

Thank you

Hello, I will finish W2 wiki recently, please have a wait.

Can you enable people to edit the wiki? Then we could add our own information and software.

Definitly the fan connector doesn’t work

Thanks for your advice,We are going to change for this

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There is currently no HDMI support in the Linux build. A solution is being worked on, but there has been no progress status update for this in over a month

Hello, you could create a new user and edit wiki now.

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