Use ov5640 camera in OpenCV

(PhonPanom Sivilay) #1

Hi, friends. I have suffered from capturing image from ov5640 cameras in OpenCV. I used 2 kinds of cameras, webcam and BPI camera module. webcam is added automatically as /dev/video0. BPI camera module is added by the following commands. $ sudo modprobe ov5640 $ sudo modprobe sun4i_csi0 $ ls -1 /dev/video* /dev/video0 /dev/video1 But the ov5640 camera does not work correctly in OpenCV.

This is the result of my camera capture screen. What should I do now? (243 Bytes) Please provide me your help. Thank you for your time. Phon.

(Dibet Garcia) #2

Hi, Where i can find a cmake decent example that use the ov5640 with opencv running on BPI Zero Regards Dibet