Ubuntu 18.4 with kernel 4.14.48

(Maciek Szelągowski) #41

I upgraded the kernel to 4.18-rc2-wlan (with my RT8812au chipset support) to emmc booting to serial console shows boot menu:

*** U-Boot Boot Menu ***

 1. Reload Bootmenu.
 2. Load Environment.
 3. Boot Linux from SD.
 4. Boot Kernel 4.4.
 5. Boot Kernel 4.9.
 6. Boot Kernel 4.14.
 7. Boot Kernel 4.16.
 U-Boot console

Press UP/DOWN to move, ENTER to select

default it starts in: 4.14.48-bpi-r2-main

how to add my kernel to boot menu?

I copied uImage to /boot/bananapi/bpi-r2/linux and kernel modules to /lib/modules (folder named 4.18.0-rc2-bpi-r2-wlan)

(Frank W.) #42

you have to modify BPI-BOOT/bananapi/bpi-r2/linux/uEnv.txt

if you want to default booting your kernel you change kernel-param…if your kernel-binary is named uImage your kernel-param should look like these:


this is in my (maybe not in the image) uEnv.txt on top, after that i have the line for changing this var to pointing to 4.14.48


so just comment out the second line with #


if your uImage have another name add a 3rd line after the second like this:


so last assignment is loaded. if you want default booting 4.14.48 and want to add a separate menuentry for 4.18 (and like in my case for 4.17) you can add these menu-entries like this:


boot417=run newloadenv; setenv kernel ${kernel417}; printenv; run newboot
bootmenu_7=8. Boot kernel 4.17.=run boot417
boot418=run newloadenv; setenv kernel ${kernel418}; printenv; run newboot
bootmenu_8=9. Boot kernel 4.18.=run boot418

for this additional menuentries you have to reload bootmenu (first entry in menu) because uEnv.txt is not loaded before display the menu.

HTH Frank

(Maciek Szelągowski) #43

This is my uEnv.txt

uEnv.txt (1,7 KB)

when I will do Bootmenu reload and then choose 4.18 this is what I have got:

[ 3.237142] Waiting for root device /dev/mmcblk0p2…

but in uEnv root is set to /dev/mmcblk1p2 … what I did wrong?

(Frank W.) #44

Do you boot from sd or emmc? Sd is mmcblk0 and emmc mmcblk1…i guess your root-var is wrong.

You have a “B” before your root-var.more below there is a linebreak before txt. Also you set differen filenames for 4.18 (kernel=uImage_4.18-rc2-wlan [overridden by next line] vs. kernel418=uImage_4_18-rc2-wlan)

What is your right filename?

(Maciek Szelągowski) #45

Great. Corrected and it’s working. Time to check wifi …

(Frank W.) #46

For wifi just unpack thid to rootfs: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MJxfHCpR-ph5YJu-_yMTCH5YG9rL6HHY create a /etc/hostapd/hostapd_ap0.conf and run wifi.sh

(Brian Zimmer) #47

I am know able to manually configure the WiFi (manually using ip commands) and i cant get it to be be an AP.

(Frank W.) #48

Take a look in /usr/local/sbin/wifi.sh…you have to use wmttools to create ap0-device,set ip to it and run hostapd (+restart dnsmasq so it can listen to the new ap0-device)

(Brian Zimmer) #49

OK I have finally got the ap0 to come up i see it from my other computer, I try connecting to it but it fails when trying to assign an IP. Ill work more on it tomorrow. I do have a different question however. Does anyone know what the LED’s mean? Green,Red and Blue? I have also experienced some weirdness with it when I have it plugged in to my HDMI monitor sometimes it has a blue background briefly during boot sometimes it has a light blue background. Ive noticed that when its light blue usually ill have to reboot as the ethernet ports wont work. When it boots and is green 80% of the time its good to go. Any idea on that?

Wanted to also say thanks A TON Frank couldn’t have gotten here without you man!


(Frank W.) #50
  • is ip set to ap0?
  • is dnsmasq configured for this interface and same subnet as IP from ap0?

which LEDs do you mean? you have 3 near power-connector and 3 near GPIO-header

red led near gpio seems to be only a power-indicator (cannot be switched on/off), the other leds can be manipulated via debugfs…i don’t know if they have special meaning while booting. in strock-kernel these are always on, with my kernel (LED-Fix) they are always off (due to dts-setting default off)