BPI-R2 OpenWrt(LEDE) Souce code : 2018-04-11

(gary) #81

Yes, I think the serial port is not mandatory. At first you need to update image to a SD card, and then install SD card to board, after a few seconds, you can access this board via web client: (username: root, no password by default). When SD card has valid image with luci, we can update it via web client, the serial port is not required.


I have had my intel 3160 wireless adapter working in frank’s lastest 4.16-hdmi kernel ,by select all the intel wifi driver,and it works fine .As R2 doesn’t have usb interface in minicpie port ,I’m not able to access the intel bluetooth ,maybe I will have a try if I have time. and here is the dmesg output.log.txt (28.2 KB)


and …the reason why I use the intel wifi card is …Both GMAC not working in the lastest kernel…

(Frank W.) #85

You use my kernel in openwrt? How did you replace it?

for hdmi can you create a post here: Searching testing people for hdmi + wifi in Kernel 4.16

With the following Informations:

  • kernel used (4.14/4.16)
  • operation system (debian/ubuntu with version)
  • resolutions and frequency (vsync)
  • adapters used (dvi/vga) if any
  • tested function (fbconsole/xorg)
  • problems


I don’t …I just test it on ubuntu,to prove R2 have no hardware limitation for the intel wifi card …I will try to get iwl working on LEDE later.


Hi guys, i stuck on this error ap0(nl80211): Interface type not supported… used the /etc/config/wireless conf. Somebody any solution for this ?