Strange packet loss

(Frank W.) #21

This lines came from stock-kernel not from any patch applied by me

Lines are added by a patch nearly 1.5 years ago:

(moore liu) #22

the link quality between mt7623 gmac2 and mt7530 port5 is not good and cause packet drop by gmac2 or mt7530 port5 because of crc error. After changing driving to 0x600, the issue was gone. I will suggest you run iperf server on DUT and test UDP dut->wan and lan->dut test to check peak throughput can reach 9xx Mbps first. If both of them are ok, I think uplink low throughput issue was caused by kernel netfilter configuration, thanks.

(Frank W.) #23

Can you provide a patch based on my repo (4.14-main)?bt

Btw. @gwalton first tried with 4.16 (right?)…here is no second gmac (only cpu-port0 and port 6 of mt7530). So it seems its another problem


That is correct - I first encountered this with 4.16

(Frank W.) #25

So 2nd gmac,hwnat and hwqos are not the problem. Have you tried with 4.18,maybe problem is fixed there and need to be backported.which image do you use? Is problem persistent on other image? If using ubuntu 18.4 try my debian-image

Can you explain your testcase?

  • which port have which device connected
  • which network-settings on r2
  • commands on clients to generate traffic