Start point of developing hardware-based applications in Android

(Milad) #1

Hi I’m going to get my first Banana Pi board(BPI-R1) during next week. I want to develop an android application which has a graphical interface plus interaction with the hardware of the board. For example I need to interact my application with UART, GPIOs, I2C, SPI and …

I have developed android apps with android studio and Xamarin before. But they were just the applications which use android SDK and popular classes that are not related to any non-mobile hardware.

Now I need to know:

  • where should I start to develop this kind of applications? what kind of programming language is used for this? what is the IDE for that?

  • Is it possible to develop my apps in android studio or Xamarin and integrate the harware-base applications to that?

  • What are important things that I should know in this way?

  • The main thing that I’m using in my application is to set the RPI-R1 as a WiFi router in my Android App. Is it possible in android or I should just go to Linux?