Ssh malfunction

(Hatsune) #1

Hello everyone,

i recently got my secong bananapi, (my first one was working fine), but for some reason, the new one has a malfunction in ssh.

This malfunction consists of the following: I cant log into it from outside of my LAN. I installed the noip duc on it like i did on the first pi i have and on this one, it was working fine. but for some reason, i can only log into the pi via ssh when i use the network intern address. I even removed the passwords and used rsa keys instead, which works just fine network intern but for some reason not from the outside. (it does on my other pi and i did exactly every step on my new one like i did on the old one…)

so if anyone can help me, i’d be very very very grateful beacuse i’ve been trying to solve it for almost 3 weeks and by now i have literally no idea what else i should do

have a nice day, and thanks in advance

P.S.: the error mesage i get while trying to login is “Permission denied, please try again” while the same password and username works with the intern address just fine…

(pablo) #2

have you tried with others BananaPI image ?