Someone who can help to "port" RPI SW to Banana Pi

(Thomas) #1

Hi. At the moment I have a project based on RPI Zero and 3B+. The project works very well and I am planning to start to look into the sourcing part. I have been looking at Banana pi for a while now and I think that this is a very good SBC to use. I need help with two things:

  1. “Port” current linux SW from RPI to Banana Pi. The SW I use can be found here: I guess that most of the work will be to fix the difference of SOCs used. The rest should be quite easy. The project use a camera in a sending unit (Tx) and a reciever (Rx). The reciever then, through WifI, transfer the image to the tablett or smart phone where the app is located. The app is finished and the OV sensor (camera) is enough with respect to resolution and frame rate.

If you are interessted then mail me so I can give a more detailed background. I can guarantee that the right person will be able to make some serious money if the project can be set to deliver.