SolarNetwork for energy management

(John) #1


We have a fully open-source energy management platform that runs on Raspian called SolarNetwork. It involves low-cost, low-power SBCs acquiring data from a variety of solar inverter hardware, charge controllers, kwH meters, plus a bunch of different web services, and then storing this data on a cloud server for beautiful and fast visualisation and analysis. We think it is pretty cool! If there are any Banana Pi enthusiasts who are interested in Linux, Java and OSGi please check it out, we’d love to see some Banana SolarNodes out there showing how much solar power is being generated or power saved around the world.

Thanks, John

(lionwang) #2

if can run on raspberry pi , we can make it run on BPI, i will let our RD to check this . thank you.

(zhiz z) #3

Maybe that will help, Solar OS setup on Debian 7. There is a Debian 7 image for Banana Pi so for anyone who wants to try it out, Feel free.

(John) #4

Yes that’s right, there are downloadable 225MB compressed (1GB) images for the raspberry pi already, and plenty of instructions on how those were created here:

(John) #5

Just logging in here after a while, but some new capabilities from SolarNetwork. A SolarNode can collect data from a variety of Modbus RTU and TCP devices now - here’s an example of collecting data from a thermopile pyranometer: