Raspbian Jessie 2017-05-25 for M2U with fixed instability bug

(Ievgen Rudyi) #6

Pal, I’ve used Krusader with root privileges :wink:

Also can you provide prebuit kernel 107?


I have just trashed my setup and can’t boot. I was stupid and didn’t transfer a copy of the kernel from the eMMC before rebooting. Ooops.

So, it’s not possible to provide a prebuilt kernel at the moment. I’d want to make sure it works before sharing anyway.

facat suggested contacting dan-and via GitHub so that might be worth a try

(facat) #8

Do your recompile Raspbian Jessie from source or you only replace files with prebuilt kernel, modules and uboot?

(Ievgen Rudyi) #9

Nope, simply patched the img file.

(facat) #10

That’s good.:slight_smile:

(Ievgen Rudyi) #11

Compilation of the whole Raspbian will take ages on my machine :joy:

(ROBIN) #12

wow great i will try it now.

(Ievgen Rudyi) #13

Guys, can you point me where to get the tars of the 3.10.107 kernel? I’ll patch the image with that kernel too. I found it some time ago but lost the link :sweat:

BPI-M2 Ultra Volumio open source project
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may be you should check your browser story? :smiley:

(facat) #15

you mean this dan-and’s 3.10.107 kernel ?

(Ievgen Rudyi) #16

Exactly. But I don’t want to compile it. Will appreciate pre compiled binaries :slight_smile:

(Олександр Кузьменко) #17


Thank you Олександр Кузьменко I will try your method and report back.

In your post, the install instructions - step 3 - do not look right.

  1. 3.10.106-BPI-M2U-Kernel.tgz

Extract BOOTLOADER-bpi-m2u.tgz to /lib/modules/

Should this be 3.10.106-BPI-M2U-Kernel.tgz that is extracted?

(Ievgen Rudyi) #19

Thanks pal :smile:

Updated my emergency microSD and built-in emmc with the kernel and modules you’ve provided.

Looks good.


can you explain how you are doing this please? Are you using the instructions posted by Oleksandr_Kuzmenko or another method?

(ROBIN) #21

best os for M2U. thanks a lot for this.

  • how can i switch to 720p mode? i’ve tried by editing uEnv.txt but doesnt work.

thanks in advanced

(Ievgen Rudyi) #22

I’ll post the instructions a bit later, step by step.


Thanks all. I have this working with the 3.10.107 kernel using the posted kernel and instructions from Oleksandr_Kuzmenko.

Note that there are a couple of errors in the instructions - see by post above re:

  1. 3.10.106-BPI-M2U-Kernel.tgz

Extract BOOTLOADER-bpi-m2u.tgz to /lib/modules/

This should this be 3.10.107-BPI-M2U-Kernel.tgz that is extracted?


My next project is to compile the kernel directly on my m2u myself and use this.

Then I need to work out how to remove sunxi-bt from the kernel as I don’t think it is needed and it is spamming my syslog!!!

(Ievgen Rudyi) #25

First post edited: added instructions how2 upgrade the uboot, kernel :wink: