Problem with the SSD

(Troumad) #1


I have buy a new SSD fir the bpi-r2. Sometimes he can not read it anymore.
Regularly I reboot and it’s good.
Rarely not. But I reboot now and it’s good after.

Why ?
The SDD have a problem ?
The connections are not good ?

(Frank W.) #2

Is your sata socket soldered properly? Anything in log? Test ssd on another computer

(Troumad) #3

I have not test my sdd on another computer. A friend told me about power supply. I have a 12V, 2A. 2A, it’s the max for a BPI-R2.

(Maciek Szelągowski) #4

I’m using SSD’s with 12v 3A. Working OK. But I had problem with unproper soldered SATA sockets. I had to resolder them again. (they were moving when I push them by finger)

(Troumad) #5

3A ? in, it’s written :

Power Supply: 12V/2A recommended,

Recommended, only, but what is the max ?