Power Issues, BPi R1 Shuts off

(Iain Stott) #1

Hi guys, hoping someone fancies helping me out. So for a year or two, I’ve had my BPi-R1 running as switch for 3 RPi’s and webserver and others. I have powered the cluster with a 30A 12v LED power supply, with a buck converter to bring it down to 5v. I have been re-jigging my setup as I have introduced a full ATX pc into the mix so decided to utilize a 3.5" HDD into it.

So I bought a new buck converter capable of 5A to power the BPi-R1, 3x RPi’s and HDD @ 5v (HDD 12v comes direct from the power supply.

So now to the problem, the R1 has started turning itself off. About 2 weeks ago when I did the “upgrade”, the R1 lasted about an hour of use before it died, then I couldn’t keep it on for more than 10 secs before it died. Started checking whats what and came to the conclusion that i’m not supplying enough power. So I upped the voltage to just shy of 5.5v and it the problem dissapeared, no problems whatsoever.

Fast forward to last night and its started happening again. I’m already at 5.5v so can’t increase. I have tried unplugging everything apart from the R1 but it still wont boot for more than 10secs. So for the time being I’m powering it from the ATX USB ports.

Now, what I’m confused at is, to me it looks like a “power supply” issue. But, after looking at it I can’t understand what it is. I originally thought I was drawing to much amps from the buck converter. I originally thought each device drew about 900mA. With 4SoB and 1HDD i thought i was safe with 5A when I was planning, then thought I was drawing too much when the problem first arose, but now after powering it through ATX USB im confused because I thought the only supply 500mA???

So I have ordered new USB cables, as the ones im using arent the greatest, but apart from that, does anyone else have any suggestions as to what the issue may be??

Cheers Iain

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(bpi team) #2

BPI-R1, just need 5V/2A to 5V/2.5A ,also need check your adapter line , also need to support above 2A , must USB adapter just support 1A .or try to support power with DC port and OTG port ,just do this test.


You probably need to use battery connector. Micro-USB is incapable of providing enough power in basic. This board have known hardware issues and thoughtless. Also, why do you use converter for 5V with ATX power supply? It has 5V line and it have to be powerful enough, except of torturing 12V line. Or you can use ATX 5V line at least for HDD. I am not sure 5A are enough in this arrangement, HDD itself need 2/3A at spinup (although i see it using 12V from ATX) and all those boards… I am using 5V/6A adapter for my only BPI-R1, through battery connector. And i still have to power HDD directly, not through crappy voltage regulator of the device. And still it have some problems with USB devices which are on the same voltage regulator, so i thought of using USB hub with direct 5V too.