Openwrt Tor AP & Relay - Banana Pi BPi-R1

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I’ve compiled Chaos Chalmer r46441 and configured it for act as a Tor AP and middle relay. Also knowing the poor performance of Realtek chipsets on OpenWrt I’ve installed kmod-rt2800-usb (recent Ralink chipsets) and succesfully running an AP connecting a Wi-Fi usb adapter to R1 standard usb port. You will really need it if you want a decent Wi-Fi coverage from the Lamobo.

Image is intended for running “out of the box”. Just plug a RJ45 cable from your ISP router to Lamobo WAN port and it will get DHCP.

If you want your Tor relay to be running and listed at Atlas or Globe, forward ports 9001 and 9030 from your ISP router to Lamobo IP. It is not necesary if you only want to surf the web.

To access Luci/ssh you’ll need to plug another cable next to WAN and point your browser to (you need to be in a network…). user= root password= r46441

Wi-Fi can only surf the web going through Tor, so clients can’t get network, so it will be safe if you want to open it to guests. SSID= TorAP password= LamoboTOR

To have a look on how is it working you need to see these files:

/etc/config/firewall /etc/config/dhcp /etc/config/network /etc/config/wireless (modify your country and choose a channel) /etc/tor/torrc

I’ve you have any doubt, I’ll try to help you :wink:

Download the file, image it to a microsd card and have fun! - Lamobo Tor AP & Relay